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Choosing Karaite Judaism means not just accepting a religion but attaining a people-hood. You are becoming the sons and daughters of out patriarchs Avraham, Yitzach and Yaaqov. Additionally, taking yourself outside the mainstream of both Jewish and American culture and into time that moves according to Biblical cyclical rhythm of the appointed seasons by observation of the new crescent moon, the identification of barley in Israel as it reaches the stage in its ripeness called Aviv so that the Biblical year can begin, and where familiar words have different meanings, where spirituality infuses daily life through blessings for every occasion.

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Learning Karaite Judaism takes dedication and personal responsibility. After all our mottos are: "Search Well the Scriptures" and "reply not on the opinions of teachers". This simply means as we are taught in Torah that in the end we are judged for our knowledge and actions. We are to "Choose life" and "Keep his Commandments". We are also shown that starting with our Prophet Moshe Ben Aram we were read his teachings and took an oath to keep them for then going into the future. Thus, our Learning Center is a modern online way of accomplishing this task over the internet.

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When you are ready to act and pursue learning which will familiarize you with the practices and methods of interpreting the Torah for yourself, please contact us.  We are available via email, phone, and physical address.  There is also Facebook and Skype and other online methods to reach us.  Remember whether you are gaining knowledge to convert or just to understand Karaite Judaism we stand ready to assist you on your journey.