Certificate in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies

Accredited by

The Ḳaraite Council of Sages in Israel.

Introduction to the course

A Ḳaraite Council of Sages accredited Certificate in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies. This is a year-long course designed to familiarize Jews of all denominations with Ḳaraite Judaism and to create a greater appreciation amongst Ḳaraite Jews for their Ḳaraite Judaism. The course is a prerequisite for all Jews of patrilineal descent who wish to affiliate to Ḳaraite Judaism, and for all Gentiles who desire to convert to Ḳaraite Judaism out of love for the God of Israel, His holy Tora, and His people.

Modules covered:

  • Fundamentals and Biblical Exegesis
  • Purity Part 1 (Kashruth)
  • Shabbath
  • Calendar
  • Purity Part 2
  • Righteousness

What do I need?

To successfully complete this course you will need interest and motivation, maturity of approach and commitment, in order to be able to cope with the objectives of the programme. Since the course is delivered in English you must have a college-level command of the language. You must also be in regular attendance of online classes and participate in the KJU discussion group until the conclusion of the course. Your success in the course will also depend upon honest communication and an exploration of Judaism shared by students and teachers.

How is the course taught?

The course is a distance-learning program extending for the duration of an academic year; therefore, students need to have access to a computer with broadband Internet in order to participate. The course requires a good deal of reading and studying. Most lessons are presented in PDF format while some may be recorded as audio lectures. There are also regular live audio sessions held via a web conferencing portal as well as a Facebook group for discussions, both of which are required for successful completion of the course.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is by exams and tests. There will be a final essay on an approved topic of your choice.

What does it lead to?

Successful completion of the course can lead to affiliation or conversion to Ḳaraite Judaism via an official Ḳaraite community*.

Course details

Date: Our next course in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies is expected to commence in September 2021.

Tuition Fee: TBD

Payment Plan

We consider payment plans on a case-by-case basis.


Disabilities must be established by a Physician's Letter indicating disability and restricted activities.

*KJU makes no representation that a Ḳaraite Beth Din will accept its graduates as converts or affiliates to Ḳaraite Judaism.

Notice: Only Submit Application Form and evidence requested for Course. Please complete the form electronically for legibility.

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