About Us

Ḳaraite Jewish University (ḲJU), now a Swiss corporation, was originally a California non-for-profit founded in 2005 to provide a religious education in Ḳaraite Judaism. The founding of the Ḳaraite Jewish University was an historic moment in the history of Ḳaraite Judaism. For the first time in several hundreds of years, an educational body had been put in place geared exclusively towards the teaching of Ḳaraite Judaism.

ḲJU is an independent organization that collaborates with a broad spectrum of Ḳaraite Jewish institutions including Ḳaraite Jews of America, Ḳaraite Jews of Europe, and Universal Ḳaraite Judaism. The Ḳaraite Jewish Moՙeseth Ḥakhamim/Council of Sages based in Ramla, Israel, an institution recognized by the State of Israel as representing Ḳaraite Jews, has authorized ḲJU to teach courses in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies.

In December 2006, the Council of Sages met with representatives of the Ḳaraite Jewish University and welcomed its activities in teaching students interested in learning to keep the commandments of the Holy One Blessed Be He. The chairman of the Council of Sages wrote the following about our activities:

Recently, an organization called Ḳaraite Jewish University was formed. Made up of several members who are zealous for the word of the Lord, the organization has made as its goal the teaching of the Ḳaraite halakha; to keep, observe, and perform in practice, the keeping of the commandments. The activities of the Ḳaraite Jewish University were presented to the Council of Sages, and meetings and discussions were held concerning their activities. We see the Ḳaraite Jewish University as an entity that has the ability to teach the Ḳaraite halakha to anyone interested.

In July 2007, fourteen non-Jewish graduates of the ḲJU converted to Judaism at the Ḳaraite Jewish synagogue [Benei Israel] in Daly City, California. The conversions were carried out under the auspices of the Ḳaraite Jews of America and with the approval of the Council of Sages.

ḲJU offers a distance-learning course in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies that extends for the duration of an academic year. Students who are successful in their studies will be awarded a University Certificate in Ḳaraite Jewish Studies. The course, which requires a command of English at a college-level, is designed to familiarise Jews of all denominations with Ḳaraite Judaism and to facilitate those non-Jews who desire to convert to the religion of Israel out of love for the God of Israel, His holy Tora, and His people.