Our mission is to help you embrace The Torah and the Karaite Jewish People.

Our Chancellor


Lead Instructor of the English Speaking Courses

Hakham Meir Yosef Rekhavi is the editor of the "Biblical Passover Haggadha" and co-author of "As It is Written: A Brief Case for Karaism."  His writings on selected subjects can be found at: http://rekhavi.karaitejudaism.org/.  He was a student of the late Karaite Hakham Mordecai Alfandari, and his path to Karaite Judaism is can be accessed at:http://rekhavi.karaitejudaism.org/my_journey.shtml

Chief Hakham of the Karaite Jews in Israel and Instructor of English courses

Chief Hakham Moshe Yosef Firrouz is leader of the Moetzet Hakhamim (Council of Sages), which is under the auspices of Universal Karaite Judaism (UKJ). This council deals within Israel with many religious issues including kashrut, marriage, divorce,  aliyah and conversion as it relates to the Karaite Jews.  
Chief Hakham Firrouz has several years of experience working in committee positions with UKJ and affiliated organizations. He is currently employed as a System Engineer and Lab Team Support with the Computer Science Department of Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva.  He holds degrees in BS in Nuclear Engineering and MS Management & Safety Engineering from Ben-Gurion University. He is a doctoral candidate working to achieve his Phd in Religious studies. 

Our Vice-Chancellor

Our Director of Latin American Division


Instructor of Spanish and Portuguese Speaking Courses

Daniel ben-Immanuel, holds an MA in Applied Linguistics.  He was the firstborn to a descendant of Anussim from Puerto Rico, and the first of his family to return to the faith of his ancestors. He coordinates all Spanish and Portuguese speaking students and translates the KJU teaching materials into Spanish and Portuguese. As a Professor, he will teach lessons for both the English, Spanish and Portuguese Introduction to Judaism Courses.

Instructor in Hebrew and Arabic Studies

We are please to have our newest member of our staff Yaaqov Walker.  Yaaqov is a truly accomplished linguist in Hebrew and Arabic.  He has worked on several projects for the Karaite Jews of America and will be helping our students become Hebrew fluent.  He will also be teaching traditional Karaite prayers.

Our Instructor of Hebrew and Arabic Languages


Our Assistant to the Chancellor

Financial Manager, Technical Manager, and Assistant to the Chancellor

Hazzan Yochanan Zaqantov holds an MBA from St. John Fisher College. Having received his certification as Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute (PMI), he maintains both his affiliation and credentials. He has taught post-secondary courses in Computers and Liberal Arts. His Tanakh Studies can be found at the http://www.karaitejudaism.org. His article on "My search for the Aviv" was published in the April 2007 edition of the KJA's Bulletin. He is the webmaster for this site and handles most communications for people contacting the university.

Founding Board Member

Dr. Eliezer Ephraim Cohen,holds a LLB and a Juris Doctorate Degree from Western State University College of Law, San Diego.  As a Board Member, He contributes to the  mission of the KJU He has been married since 1972 and has two children.

Founding Member of the Board of Directors