How and where do I convert?

The process of conversion starts after you have gained the knowledge through our learning modules.  Once you have taken the prerequisite coursework to fully understand the act of conversion and what will be required perform once you are converted.  The conversion ceremony is conducted at the Karaite Jews of America in Daly City, California, USA.  All people interested in conversion must travel there for conversion.  

What Are the benefits of a Online e-Learning Course?

Online learning is an opportunity to connect to a community of fellow students, and seasoned professionals in order to become part of an exciting, media-rich learning environment. There is a flexible schedule for class meetings and rebroadcasts of recorded sessions will be available. Weekly reading, writing and study assignments are distributed within the lessons module -- and from there, you work at your own pace, at a time that's convenient for you. Live sessions are held on online audio conferencing where you can see and speak to your instructors.

How does Karaite Judaism differ from other Jewish Movements?

There are stylistic differences in the manner of prayer, the format of the siddur and the names and observances of some of the Jewish holidays. These differences have arisen because Karaite Judaism regards the TaNaKh as the only divinely authored or inspired words of the Creator. Karaites maintain that every human being has an obligation to study the Hebrew Scriptures and determine for themselves the correct meaning of YHWH 's commandments based on their own educated reasoning and understanding.

On the Day of Judgment, it is the individual who will be called into reckoning for his own actions. The ancient adage of the Karaite sages declares: "Study, and search, and seek, and investigate, and do that which occurs to by by way of solid proof and that which seem reasonable to you..." Book of Precepts [Sefer Ha-misvot] Sahl ben Masliah quoted in Karaite Anthology: Excerpts From the Early Literature, Leon Nemoy, ISBN# 0-300-00792, p. 119. In this regard the Karaite sages taught: "He who relies upon any of the teachers of the Exile without personal investigation, it is as if he has engaged in idolatry."

Karaites place no value in the interpretations of the majority or the customs of the forefathers. On the contrary, Scripture teaches us: "Do not go after the majority to do evil" (Exodus 23:2). The prophets also warn us against following in the errant footsteps of the ancestors, as it is written: "be not like your fathers. who acted treacherously against YHWH" (2 Chronicles [Bet Divrei HaYamim] 30:7), and again: "they shall not be as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation" (Psalms 78:8). The same warning applies to the laws invented out of men's hearts, which the prophets call the "commandment of men learned by rote" (Isaiah 29:13).