Judaism welcomes sincere converts. In fact, Abraham and Sarah, the founders of the Jewish people were not born Jewish. The Biblical Book of Ruth is about a non-Jewish woman who converted to Judaism. Throughout the ages, untold numbers of individuals have converted to Judaism. People choose to become Jewish for many different reasons.  Some come to Judaism after a long spiritual search. These Jews-by-choice see in Judaism sensible religious beliefs that add meaning and beauty to their lives. They recognize that Judaism has brought wisdom and blessings to the world.

The process of converting involves study and introspection.  But more than memorizing specific facts or accepting a set of beliefs is necessary. Judaism must be an integral part of your daily life. Jewish values and beliefs are exemplified through the performance of sacred deeds, or Mitzvot. The Karaite Jewish University enables students to prepare for the formal process of conversion to Judaism with our Learning Modules. The program is given over the internet and is self-paced.  It is a minimum of 1 year course of study that introduces participants to central Jewish beliefs, practices and texts as well as to the history of the Jewish people.

Think about your own reasons. Remember conversion must be your own free choice, not done because of pressure, but out of a genuine desire to embrace Judaism. Learn as much as you can about Karaite Judaism. Remember that Judaism has an important ethnic component. You are joining a people, not just a religion. You will thus need to learn about different aspects of Jewish culture and about Israel.

Talk about your thoughts and feelings with your partner, your friends, and your family. It is important, for example, to discuss your feelings openly. It is common to experience some moments of doubt or fear of the unknown. It is also vital that you stay in touch with your birth family. Converting to Judaism does not mean you are abandoning your family, your friends, or your fond memories of past family life.

If Karaite Judaism's basic beliefs and practices make sense to you, we would be pleased to have you join us. Remember, though, that Judaism is a faith of Torah, not forced creeds. It is difficult to provide a brief summary of basic Judaism. The best way is to take our course.  We will be happy to answer any individual questions you have.

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